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Product Marketing and Brand Development

The Mares Consulting Group in Miami, Florida, analyzes your brand development and product marketing to make sure you have the correct strategic business alliance needed. Our team makes sure your have the correct infrastructure in place to be able to maximize your efforts and your profits.

Complete Review

Some areas that we analyze include marketing, sales, customer service, service and product placement, and operations. Every business can use a guidance counselor that can come in and optimize the operation itself. We specialize in helping businesses involved with hospitality and entertainment. The number one benefit of our consulting is to maximize your profit stream by making sure all departments are at their optimal level of performance.

People in a Meeting - Product Marketing

Sales and Marketing

We analyze your current operation and provide you with adequate training and structuring. Our group sets in place all controls and policy procedures to optimize sales and profits. Our typical customer is someone who has run into a wall and has stagnated growth or is having operational issues with sales staff and training and needs assistance in expansion or branding of products or service.

Branding Building

Our consultants provide you with an analysis of your market. We optimize your level of exposure including analyzing market trends, product placement, strategic alliances, and creating master distribution outlets for brand exposure. We do local market research and we look at expansion in other markets including global exposure.

Start-Up Businesses 

You may have great idea for a business or you started a business and it ran into a wall or financial difficulties. We start your business, set you in the right path, and provide you with operational administrative sales and marketing guidance to put you on the right track.

Prudent Planning

We service any type of business and we provide basic business structure that creates a solid business model you can follow. We provide continuing guidance to make sure you are going in the right direction. We do offer an initial free consultation to analyze the needs of the client.

Contact us for brand development and product marketing that meets the needs of your industry.