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Innovative Strategic Planning

The Mares Consulting Group in Miami, Florida, provides strategic planning that helps grow your business and identify new markets and opportunities. This process also fosters transformation and growth within your company to address the changing realities of your market.

Essential Success

Our business strategy practice works with a diverse portfolio of clients on growth initiatives and improving enterprise value. We work collaboratively, bringing innovative thinking, strong facilitation skills, proven strategic frameworks, and implementation skills to help our clients make their strategic planning goals a reality.

Our Partners

We work with a wide variety of companies to support their growth strategy, through internal innovation, acquisitions, or both. Our group also supports strategic transformation within specific functional areas, often as a first step in our broader service line efforts.

Effective Strategy

Our strategy service offerings include helping clients identify and create new sources of growth by developing innovation processes and distinctive brand strategies with differentiating value propositions. We also help corporations with strategic planning by identifying key links between the operational realities of their business and the dynamics of their particular industry. Our strategy services also provide post-merger integration and strategic transformation support to companies undergoing these specific changes.

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Our Services

Optimization and results are what you are looking for, not a lot of jargon about the services we offer. So, instead of a list with a dozen services filled with crafty language, we instead offer you a short list and an open invitation to give us a call or send us an email. Our list of services includes:

• Management
• Strategic Marketing
• Structuring and Training
• Business Development
• Print and Online Ads
• SEO Management
• Internet Marketing
• Ad Campaigns
• Content Marketing

Contact us for strategic planning that helps increase profits and develops new opportunities.